Kitty O'Hanlon's

Took the Smarta Challenge and saved over £1000...

About Kitty O’Hanlon’s

Kitty O’Hanlon’s is a busy City Centre Irish Bar. As the first of it’s kind in Plymouth, it offers quality food, drink as well a wonderful traditional atmosphere to enjoy them in.  Kitty O’Hanlon’s is also a wonderful live music venue with the best of Devon and Cornwall’s musicians travelling to Kitty’s to play their Friday and Saturday night slots.

Kitty O'Hanlon's, Smarta, Smarta Reductions, Plymouth

What was their challenge?

The greatest challenge for Kitty O’Hanlon’s was gaining a competitive rate for their Gas and Electricity supply, whilst freeing up their time so they could concentrate on selling more pints of Guinness!

Kitty O'Hanlons, Smarta, Smarta Reductions, Plymouth

What does Kitty O’Hanlon’s say about Smarta?

“We chose Smarta because we’ve dealt with Joedy in the past. Once again, his open and honest approach has made the process with Smarta stress free and easy. We would highly recommend their services to other businesses.”

Ultan Moran – Kitty O’Hanlon’s

Kitty O'Hanlons, Smarta, Smarta Reductions, Plymouth