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Bigger office …we must be doing something right

We don’t want to brag (well we do a little bit) but we’ve just got a shiny new office, so we must be doing something right here at Smarta Reductions. Best of all, this office is much bigger than the last one and as we all know … big is best.

But friends of Smarta need not worry as we haven’t moved far, in fact, we’re still in the same Genesis Building on Union Street that we always have been. All that’s actually happened is that we’ve outgrown the last office and got ourselves a larger unit.

It does raise an interesting point though. We’ve always said that our business is about saving our clients money and our promise is that we won’t stop until we save each one a thousand pound in utility bills, broadband, and merchant services. The fact that we need to move proves that more and more clients are taking us up on that offer which in turn attracts even more clients again … hence the bigger office and long may this positive growth continue.