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Sailing off into the sunset with savings

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000


The Mount Batten Centre is a charity whose purpose is to provide safe and affordable access to water for all. Although principally a watersports facility the centre also provides a number of land-based activities as well as facilities to host conference, functions and a bar/restaurant.

What was their challenge?

The centre is constantly facing the challenge of a rising cost base. As leisure facilities are considered a luxury it is often the first thing that people cut back on in their personal lives and so the Mount Batten Centre asked us to help them save on their utilities.

Why Smarta?

Andy Mosford of The Mount Batten Centre said, “We first heard of Smarta through the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership. A meeting was set up with Joedy which was very factual and efficient. It did not feel like a sales pitch but more of a genuine interest in the business and how they could help. As soon as we were then able we transferred across to use Smarta for our energy contracts and are currently trying to also move our broadband contract to them as well.”

What Does Mount Batten Say About Smarta?

“Smarta has made the process of energy billing incredibly easy. Having previously been with other independent consultants where I still felt I was doing all the heavy lifting once I made the change it has been completely different. I am presented with the relevant choices, allowed to make my own decisions and then the rest is dealt with accordingly. It is the most hassle-free process I have ever had for energy contracts and I am now transferring more contracts to Smarta to consult on. I would highly recommend Joedy and his team.” Andy Mosford

smarta, smarta reductions, plymouth, diary