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Plymouth School of Creative Arts

Sourced competitive energy prices

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000

About Plymouth School of Creative Arts (PSCA)

PSCA is an all-through school, whose aim is to allow students to achieve academically though creative, purposeful education. The school started in an office building in September 2013 but now has 120 pupils attending in a purpose built building they have occupied since February 2014. The school is growing each year and they expect to be full at 1020 pupils in 2018.


Plymouth School Creative Arts, PSCA

What was their challenge?

PSCA were faced with moving into a new building in phases, without a lot of understanding of the systems and options available to them. PSCA are governed by the Education Funding Agency and therefore were required to prove that all their decisions adhered to the ‘Value for Money’ rules. They needed to make sure they were effectively managing their costs.

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Why Smarta?

“We were initially being overcharged by the energy supplier and had a lot of issues that needed resolving. Smarta resolved the problems so we could focus our time and energy on the jobs that really mattered.”

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What does the PSCA say about Smarta?

“With Smarta we had the confidence to leave them to both settle our issues and source competitive prices for us. We received the best customer service, being made to feel that nothing was ever too much trouble. We really feel they were working with us to obtain the best services for our school.”

Sandi Bulter – Resource and Development Leader

Plymouth School Creative Arts, PSCA