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A hold load of savings

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000


UK Docks offer Dry Docks, Afloat Repair Berths and specialist Boat Repair facilities throughout the UK and employ Specialist Service Engineers for vessel repair, construction, conversion and engineering services to the Marine, Offshore and Defence Sector throughout the world.

What was their challenge?

UK Docks were having trouble with their current supplier who were not able to solve ongoing issues. This was an underlying headache that needed to be fixed.

Why Smarta?

Rhyan Gaulton of UK Docks said, “Smarta came highly recommended as they had worked previously with our director on another business matter.”

What Does UK Docks Say About Smarta?

“Our company was coming to the end of its electricity contract, and we needed to renew and wished to move suppliers due to bad customer service. The team at Smarta were brilliant, they took all the information they needed and went and sorted a good deal with a new supplier for us, despite the difficulties of our meter coding being wrong. They saved me loads of time on the phone and comparison websites, which I just found frustrating and didn’t have time for, plus the constant calls back chasing me up. But Smarta sorted it all and left me free to get on with my job, I can’t recommend them enough.” Rhyan Gaulton

smarta, smarta reductions, plymouth, clipboard