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Saving Wisteria

valuable time and money

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000

Who are Wisteria House Care Home? 

Wisteria House is a small, independent care home based in Plymouth, which prides itself on being different and flexible in its approach to caring for residents’ needs. Offering 24-hour specialist care to 22 elderly people living with dementia, Wisteria House provides a comfortable and familiar environment looked after by a well-trained staff team who pride themselves on being approachable and friendly. Wisteria House aims to firstly reduce stress and anxiety, by creating a world that is calming, friendly, affectionate and familiar, then promote choice and control over resident’s lives that adds meaning and purpose.

What was their challenge? 

Wisteria House is a busy home and the staff are eager to dedicate their time and energy to the welfare of the residents. They needed all their utilities installing, including the gas connection, a new meter, and phone & broadband services. Understandably they wanted to gain the best possible deals and savings so this could be put back into caring for their residents.

Why Smarta?

“Smarta was recommended to us by another care home operator. The arrangement with our service providers was problematic so we were impressed with Smarta’s no-nonsense approach and their knowledge of the industry. With all the services we required, we didn’t have time to personally source them individually. We needed Smarta to shop around and help us reduce costs, and also save valuable time that we would have spent trawling the market.”

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What does Wisteria House Care Home say about Smarta?

“I would like to thank Smarta for arranging all the utilities for my care home, including the connection of the gas from the road to the house and the new meter installation. You made the whole process incredibly easy by arranging everything for me at a time when I was extremely busy. Thank you also for researching the price comparisons and getting me the best deal possible. Many, many thanks”
Louise Collins – Wisteria House Dementia Care Ltd