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YMCA Plymouth

continually sourcing excellent energy rates

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000

Who are YMCA Plymouth?

YMCA Plymouth is a charity organisation established in 1848 who seek to empower young people through support, guidance and training so they are equipped to transform their lives and their communities. The majority of their income streams are generated from grants, fundraising and donations.

What was their challenge?

As soon as the contract with their existing energy supplier came up for renewal, it was apparent the quote was not competitive. Finding an excellent deal that saved money for the YMCA was a priority.

Why Smarta?

“Smarta proved to be both competitive and professional. Every time the contract comes up for renewal they let us know and make sure we are saving as much as possible before either committing to stay with the current supplier or alternatively switching to another supplier.”

What does the YMCA Plymouth say about Smarta?

“We would happily refer Smarta to other organisations as they have proven time after time that they challenge companies to get the most competitive rates possible on behalf of their customers.”
Mariella Azzopardi – Finance Director, YMCA Plymouth