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Happy Birthday to Us

Before you all start singing in a Stevie Wonder style and insisting that we blow out the candles on the cake, let’s have a think about the massive journey that Smarta has been on so far as a business.

Yes, we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday this month but that only tells you half the story. The real point is that we’ve helped scores of businesses across Plymouth and the South West save thousands on their business services and we can undoubtedly do the very same for you … it’s like free money for your business and who doesn’t like that?

As we go into our third year of business our mission remains the same: to find the most competitive deals for business customers and we don’t stop until we find annual savings of £1,000. We’ve always called it the ‘Smarta’ way of thinking and we have no plans of changing that philosophy.

But let’s not forget, Smarta’s not just about reducing your business gas and electric bills it’s also about reducing how much your business spends on insurance, phone, broadband and even merchant services.

So yes, we will be taking time to celebrate our 2nd birthday but ultimately it’s back to the grindstone, making sure that we can save businesses real money on their energy bills.