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Driving down

A care homes business services bills

Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000
Get a quote quick smart and save a guaranteed £1000

Who are Manamead Care? 

Mannamead Care are based in Plymouth and have four care homes in the group, looking after 193 residents in total. Since the business started in 1979 they have looked to celebrate and support the ageing with dignity and peace of mind.

What was their challenge?

Energy costs have always been a significant spend for Mannamead Care so they were looking for a trusted partner who could help them secure the very best deals in the marketplace. Ultimately they were looking to save money and to stop their business services costs from spiralling out of control.

Why Smarta?

“With so many companies contacting us on a regular basis to canvass for business services contracts, it’s of great comfort to us that we can rely upon Smarta to look after us. They just seemed to understand what we needed.”

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What does Mannamead Care say about Smarta?

“Smarta provide a very efficient, professional and personalised service that we rely upon to ensure that we constantly monitor the markets. Undoubtedly Smarta has saved us thousands of pounds and we hope they continue to do so.”

Philip Gerry
CEO, Mannamead Care.