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Doing our bit for Plymouth

Ok so our ‘main’ role is to save businesses money on utilities, broadband and merchant services but that’s not our ‘only’ role. Where we can we like to do our bit for the wonderful city that we call home … Britain’s Ocean City … that’s right, Plymouth.

We recently heard that there was a crowdfunding initiative to financially support the creation of the Mayflower Forest at the Marsh Mills junction on the A38 (the doorway to Plymouth for many). Smarta Reductions are proud to say that we have supported it and have promoted it at the same time and we would urge all readers of this newsletter to do the same if they can spare a bit.


This initiative will see 1,000 trees planted on the edge of the city next to a busy road and will have huge environmental benefits for years to come so that the future generations can enjoy our fabulous city.