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Some simple, practical advice

If you are looking to reduce your costs on energy, utilities and merchant services then give the office a call on 01752 875100, but if you’re not quite ready for that, then can we give you a free piece of simple, practical advice that could probably save you some money straight away.

First of all, open up those dusty meter cupboards and make a note of all the utility readings. Next, contact your suppliers and look to amend your direct debits from ‘fixed’ or ‘budget’ to ‘variable’. This way you’ll be paying for what you ‘actually use’ and not for what you ‘usually use’, which if you consider that you’re probably not open right now, will result in a saving pretty quickly.

It’s an easy win, a bit like cancelling Sky Sports right now for three months (don’t even joke about no sport at the moment, it’s still too raw).