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Swing low and take the mornings off

It’s the Rugby World Cup and we’re genuinely excited over here at Smarta Reductions. The only slight problem is that the time difference between here and Japan means that the games are being played live in the mornings and worse still, some of those games are taking place during the working week.

Now here at Smarta, Joedy is the epitome of a great boss (he told us to write that) and he’s not only said we can watch the games in the office but he’s also got us a brand new TV as well … he is a good guy really.

But we think that all bosses should be doing just that so our challenge to you is let us know if your boss is being a ‘rugby killjoy’ and we’ll do the decent thing and expose them via social media (in a nice way of course) and we’ll put pressure on them to do ‘the right thing’ and turn that telly on in the office for the England games at least. It’s our right as rugby fans, it’s our patriotic duty and it’s our destiny … so altogether now ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot …’